How to earn money with the help of Task Bucks App?

Taskbucks is an online money making app through which users can earn money by playing games, taking surveys, completing tasks or shopping online. In Taskbucks, you can play online games with your friends, you can earn money online along with entertainment, as well as many other small and big tasks like downloading mobile apps or … Read more

Say goodbye to Volvo from the alternative future

A few years ago, Volvo diverged its performance tuning arm, Polestar, into an independent premium electrical performance brand. In 2020, Polestar announced the Polestar 1, a 619 horsepower plug-in hybrid sports coupe. This is a very limited practice. Polestar has built only 1,500 pieces in the world. It’s surprisingly expensive and starts at $ 155,000. … Read more

BMW iX tests experimental battery claiming 600 miles of range

Automakers are working on conflicting goals when designing batteries for electric vehicles. They want high energy densities over long distances, but they also want to reduce the expensive metals that provide that capacity. Michigan Battery Startup OurNextEnergy (ONE) claims that there is a better way to optimize all these factors. Now BMW has adapted an … Read more

Controversial “Gucci” Link Swiventer Paolo Gucci

It is not widely known that in the late 1980s, Gucci’s former design director Paolo Gucci worked with British coach builder Lynx to create a limited production of 20 Jaguar XJS shooting brakes. The car here was the first prototype. It was born as Lynx Eventer, the company’s shooting break version of XJS V12. Paolo … Read more