What is Groww App? Advantages/Disadvantages

Friends, there is always a question of some people, tell me an easy way to earn money in which you do not have to do anything and can earn some money immediately, for such people, this is the right way to earn money from Refer And Earn Grow App.

In which you will get only 100 rupees for signing up, as well as if you refer someone, then you will get 100 rupees on every refer, in this way you can earn a lot of money by referral.

What is Groww App?

This is an Android application and website, through which you can invest in Mutual Fund, Share Market and Digital Gold very easily, as well as keep an eye on your investment, whatever you invest through this application, all the things will be done by everyone. Everyday you can see how much has increased and how much has decreased.

The most important thing about Grow App is that you can easily buy and sell any stock mutual fund in India in a very short time, for this it is a very popular app, there are many apps available in the market for investment, But hardly any app will have such a simple interface.

Talking about the owner of Grove App, it has been developed by Nextbillion Technology, whose head office is in Bangalore Karnataka India, its CEO Lalit Keshari, and partners Harsh Jain, Neeraj Saini, Ishaan Bansal, it is run by it. It was launched in 2016 which is a great investment platform.

Advantages of Grow app

  • Groww is the simplest platform for beginners where there is no need to open a demat account to invest online. It offers zero commission rate to its customers. In this platform, users can find and verify various mutual fund portfolios and invest without any paperwork. so simple. am i right?
  • There are two types of mutual fund schemes for investing, such as direct scheme and regular scheme. In case of direct scheme, there is no charge to invest. There is no charge for investing in direct plans through Groww.
  • You can easily do monthly SIP and invest money in mutual funds. You can also track the growth of your Mutual Funds and SIPs from home.

Disadvantages of Grow app

  • There is no option to trade in the derivatives (futures and options), commodity and currency segments.
  • You cannot receive any call and trade services.
  • Groww stock tips, research report, or recommendations. does not provide.
  • It does not offer NRI trading.
  • There is no margin in its shares.

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