What type of health insurance will you take out

Nowadays it is not possible for the working class or the business community to get sick at all. Even after Koro, people are worried about the cost of the disease. Today, due to the high cost of treatment, if a sudden illness occurs, the household budget of the employed person is disrupted. On the other … Read more

Discounts Offered by Health Insurance Companies

There are several types of discounts available on health insurance (Mediclaim) policies. No-claim bonus, cumulative bonus on premium, reward points for policyholders with healthy lifestyle, special discount for women, vouchers, etc. So let’s talk more about that today. Discount for Family Members Most Health Insurance Companies offer discounts if the policyholder takes out a policy … Read more

How to Reduce the Burden of Life Insurance Premiums?

Namita wanted to start some savings for her 3 year old son. He called the life insurance agent and said, “What would be the best plan for my son to get a good amount at his education, career and marriage age?” Life Insurance companies have many types of child plans and Namita loved its features. … Read more

Information About Group Health Insurance

In the current scenario most companies offer group Health Insurance to their employees but it is also very important to have personal health insurance. Even if you change jobs, this policy will take care of your health and the health of your family. But if a person is admitted to a hospital and has more … Read more

Should a Rider be Added to a Health Insurance Policy?

Own family and own Health insurance for a secure future And life insurance is extremely necessary. People about life insurance riders Have heard, but what all People know that in health insurance Also many types of riders available Have? The person in the standard health plan All health insurance requirements Not being satisfied in the … Read more