How To Create WhatsApp Stickers in Mobile?

Everyone is running Whtsapp nowadays and all its features are also known to everyone. But not many people know how to make Whatsapp sticker from your photo. Whatsapp has already given Emo to express its Emotions and now Whatsapp has added the best feature of Stickers along with Emo to make chatting more attractive. You must have seen stickers of different types.

But in these stickers, if you have your own sticker, it means you have something in your mind that you want to reveal through stickers. Like if your photo becomes a sticker then how good it would be. But you will not know this photo se whatsapp sticker kaise bnaye but today we will talk about how to make whatsapp sticker from your photo or anyone’s photo.

What is WhatsApp Stickers?

You all will know that whatsapp has become popular in today’s time. Due to this, this company also keeps on bringing new features along with some new updates all the time to retain the users. So that people keep enjoying with it. Due to which users should never find boring, what is the new option add of stickers by WhatsApp. With which you can share funny stickers with your friends. And according to you, you can download and add the stickers of your choice. You can also share directly in WhatsApp by editing stickers in mobile.

Which Apps You Need?

To make your own WhatsApp Sticker, first you have to update your current WhatsApp with the help of Play store. After that convert one of your images to .Png Format. To create an image in Png Format, you will need two apps.

  1. Background Eraser App
  2. Personal Sticker For WhatsApp App

To create a sticker, first install both the apps in Android Mobile. After that make WhatsApp Sticker by adopting the mentioned methods.

How to make your own WhatsApp Sticker? Steps By Steps

  • First of all, you have to take a photo of your face with some different expressions. Laughing, getting angry, showing love or doing whatever drama comes to mind. Keep in mind that this photo must be at least 3.0 Why? He’ll tell later.
  • After this you have to remove the background of your photo and save the photo in png format. For this, open the app named ‘Background Eraser’.
  • After this you crop your photo in such a way that your background is removed and only face remains. You can use any other app if you want.
  • After cropping, save the photo in png format.
  • You simply have to open the app named ‘Personal Stickers for WhatsApp’.
  • As soon as you open this app, it will automatically detect your png files. There should be at least 3 pics for this, only then the emoji pack will be made.
  • After this you just have to click on add button and your pics will be directly added to whatsapp.

Now you have to go on your whatsapp. Open any contact for chatting. Click on the emoji icon. From there click on the sticker. Here you will find emoji with your face. Just send it to your friends and see their open mouth..!!!

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