Oceans and Seas of the World

Are you looking Oceans and Seas of the World? then you are in the right place. In this article, we have provided complete information about the Oceans & Seas Name, Area in Sq.Km, Average Depth, Greatest known depth, Place of greatest known depth.

List Of Oceans & Seas of the World

  1. Pacific Ocean
  2. Atlantic Ocean
  3. Indian Ocean
  4. Southern Ocean
  5. Arctic Ocean

Oceans Details

1. Pacific Ocean

Area in Sq.Km15,55,57,000
Average Depth4,028 m
Greatest known depth10,920 m
Place of greatest known depthMariana Trench

2. Atlantic Ocean

Area in Sq.Km106,460,000
Average Depth3,926 m
Greatest known depth9,219 m
Place of greatest known depthPuerto Rico Trench

3. Indian Ocean

Area in Sq.Km70,560,000
Average Depth3,963 m
Greatest known depth7,455 m
Place of greatest known depthJava Trench Sunda Trench

4. Southern Ocean

Area in Sq.Km2,03,27,000
Average Depth4,000 – 5,000 m
Greatest known depth7,235 m
Place of greatest known depthSouth Sandwich Trench

5. Arctic Ocean

Area in Sq.Km1,40,56,000
Average Depth1,205 m
Greatest known depth5,625 m
Place of greatest known depthArctic Basin 77°45’N; 175°W

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