The 2022 Chang’an UNI-V is a fascinating Chinese version of the Audi A7.

It’s time to welcome Chang’an UNI-V to the luxury sedan coupe market. Chinese cars certainly look part of it, but can they catch up with other luxury sedans? Today, China is best known for its incredibly luxurious cars. China’s car manufacturing process only started in 1903, and celebrities never leave China.

Some Chinese car manufacturers are under surveillance to make “fake” copies of several manufacturers such as the BMW X5.But things are about to change 2022 Chang’an UNI-V, and you’ll know why it’s a poor Audi A7, and why you think it deserves US practice.

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The 2022 Chang’an UNI-V interior looks completely incredible

First, let’s talk about the extraordinary interior of Chang’an UNI-V. Fake black leather seats and orange stitching add a touch of class to Chang’an, creating a sporty atmosphere. Another great feature that makes Chang’an UNI-V comfortable to drive is the horizontal oval steering wheel, which allows you to comfortably grip the steering wheel.

Surprisingly, the Changan UNI-V still boasts a lot of physical buttons and switches, but the instrument panel consists of a 10.3 inch infotainment system and a 10.3 inch screen, 2022. Very small for a Chinese car. The best feature in Changan UNI-V is a “super race” button that puts the car into sport mode. Not only does it make the car more aggressive, heavier and bigger, but when you press a button on the G Force Meter displayed on the screen, the rear spoiler is generated.

Although this sport mode is only available in the sport version. Jumping into the negatives of the interior, unfortunately the graphics available in the infotainment system look pretty outdated, but the layout is pretty complicated with the main screen, the small screen on the left, and the reasonably large screen on the right. Nonetheless, there is ample space for a comfortable and relaxing cruise, whether both the driver and all passengers are in the front or rear of the vehicle.

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What is the performance of Chang’an UNI-V?

Both the sports and premium versions of the Changan UNI-V are available, but both versions have the same 4-cylinder petrol engine with a 1.5-liter turbocharger, producing 188 hp and a top speed of 127 mph. To reach. Not the best, but certainly not the worst. Connected to a moderate engine is a 7-speed DCT transmission that powers the front-wheel drive system. Most of the features and performance statistics are the same on both models, but the sports version has a “super race” button and four exhaust pipes instead of the two displayed in the premium version.

Because the UNI-V continues the family tradition of borderless grills, the UNI-V has abolished the traditional design of the overly detailed features and exaggerated waistline. By adopting a more agile and accurate design, the UNI-V will feel more sporty. Unlike most Chinese cars, Chang’an UNI-V chose to minimize the decorative design and instead incorporate a hidden door handle that extends out of the door when the car is unlocked. Subtle but sophisticated. The car’s design method and its angled curves give Chang’an UNI-V a very sporty, smooth feel and finish.

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Can the 2022 Chang’an UNI-V be a replacement for Audi?

The appearance of Chang’an UNI-V is completely beautiful. It’s not the fastest and most powerful sedan coupe on the market, but its good looks make it a popular and desirable alternative to the more expensive sedans. Many people do not give Chang’an UNI-V the credit it deserves and dismiss it as a competitor to famous sedans of brands such as BMW and Audi.

The reason for this is probably because many believe that the Chang’an UNI-V is a replica of the Audi A7, but the engine isn’t that powerful and the infotainment system is poor. Now it looks a bit like an Audi, but certainly it’s a good thing. Only the exterior of the car is similar to the Audi A7, but the interior and mechanical setup are completely different.

If it were available in the United States, Chang’an UNI-V would have left us two options. Buying an Audi A7 for $ 69,200 will certainly give you a stronger, faster and more beautifully finished car. Or choose a car with a much lower price, a smaller engine, poorer performance statistics, and a similar look. The premium model is priced at $ 18,490 and the more advanced sports version is priced at $ 19,590.

Chang’an is said to add a base version to the collection, which requires a lower asking price. Great savings to say the least.

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