Versatile new KwikPro tools help innovate and electrify versatile classic cars โ€“ KwikPro crowdfunding from June 21st

The KwikPro motor handle is shown with a refurbished and electrified Classic Land Rover battery box with a rotary drill attachment and impact wrench attachment.

Tool attachments, including KwikPro motor handles and rotary drills and impact wrenches, are used to refurbish and electrify Classic Land Rover.

The new Kwik Pro system is shown.  Some KwikPro motor handles have the KwikPro tool attachment attached and some do not, with the Kwik Machine behind.

The new Kwik Pro motor handle can power all kinds of tool attachments and more.

The new Kwik Pro motor handle shows that it is mounted on a compatible scissor lift jack to power and lift the car.

The KwikPro motor handle can power anything for work or leisure, including scissor jacks adapted to quickly lift the corners of the car.

The patented Kwik Pro Motor Handle System has ushered in a new era of innovation and versatility. This system can power everything from tools to boats.

Use KwikPro to power everything from full-fledged work tools to fun kits. KwikPro is as versatile as Land Rover can go anywhere and do anything. “

โ€” Robert Fowler, inventor and founder.

Tiverton, Devon, England, UK, June 15, 2022 / versatile new KwikProยฎ The Motor Handle System is used to completely refurbish the classic Land Rover into an electric vehicle. Kwik Pro with unique power it all functionยฎ The tool system emphasizes versatility, as did the four-wheel drive Land Rover when it was advertised as “the most versatile vehicle in the world” 57 years ago. The KwikPro system will be launched on as part of a global booking campaign scheduled to launch on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

The KwikPro motor handle aims to complement and revolutionize the world of power tools with the versatility of Power Itall. To date, few products have the ability to provide cordless motor power, as well as individual tools and appliances. Introducing the innovative Kwik Pro Motor Handle System. It is designed to power and power a large number of tools, machines, consumer products, and commercial products.

KwikPro is a product with unique features and features created and designed by Robert Fowler, a veteran engineer with extensive experience in motor and battery drive innovation. This unique modular system has been in development for many years as Fowler has worked tirelessly to create versatile products that can be used in a myriad of projects, industries and situations.

Offering superior features over traditional power tools, the patented Kwik Pro system features a quick-fit motor handle, attachments, and adapter kits that allow users to form and power numerous tools and other products. And can be re-powered. These unique replaceable motor handles feature a powerful and long-lasting brushless motor, removable lithium batteries, variable speed control, and a quick-connect drive system.

The KwikPro system is designed to save time and money and be more environmentally sustainable. Great for workshops, construction sites, gardens, cars, kitchens, engineering, education and even boat power. The KwikPro system effectively introduces a new era of goal-driven innovation. The launch of KwikPro Kickstarter will help bring this game-changing product to market, giving buyers the power and versatility to drive numerous tools and other devices.

โ€œUsing KwikPro in the world’s most versatile vehicle project demonstrates the amazing power-it-all features of the highly versatile KwikPro motor handle system. KwikPro is fun from a full-fledged work tool. You can power everything from kits to anything. The KwikPro is as versatile as the Land Rover is a vehicle that you can take anywhere. The amazing variety of KwikPro. For more information on sex and features, please visit our website at, “said founder Robert Fowler.

Through proof-of-concept, dedication to innovation, and an unwavering commitment to revolutionize traditional motor and battery-powered systems. Robert Fowler’s goal-driven vision is being realized by launching the new KwikPro Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

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About KwikPro Tools

KwikPro is the brand name for PowerTool Systems Limited, founded by design and development engineer Robert Fowler in the United Kingdom. Throughout his career, Fowler has extensive experience in motor and battery-powered engineering, working on cutting-edge technologies ranging from hovercraft to electric vehicles. Since its inception, KwikPro Tools has become an industry leader in electromechanical innovation with its patented system designed to power everything from tools to gardening equipment, boats, appliances and everything in between. To date, Fowler’s own-funded KwikPro will begin pre-ordering on on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

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