What is Anxiety? How does it arise and what is the remedy?

Today is Surekha and Rajesh’s 9th wedding and on this auspicious occasion Rajesh has organized a surprise party for Surekha. Rajesh and Surekha have been working hard together for the last five years in their family business. Rajesh is very enthusiastic and happy for this day and Surekha on the other hand feels overwhelmed feelings for this day.

Surekha and Rajesh’s family is considered a respectable and prosperous family in the society. With his parents and two children, he lives in a nice 3 bhk of Ville Parle West. Lives happily in the flat. Despite all this, Surekha stays busy all day with her children, in-laws, Rajesh and business. Kids are very smart and often get first or second rank. For in-laws, Surekha is like a daughter. Rajesh At the same time, she is happy in her marriage.

However, for the last two-three years, Surekha has been feeling restless, irritable, confused and unreasonable for small things. Surekha and Rajesh do not have a definite reason for this. Muscle aches, indigestion, tremors and excessive sweating are also common. The doctor said that the reason for this is Anxiety due to menopause. It is natural to experience such thoughts and feelings in such circumstances. But if these thoughts turn into more stress and panic then it can be called Anxiety.

What is Anxiety?

Everybody experiences this anxiety from time to time in their life and it is also useful to some extent. For example, after an important meeting or an exam or making important decisions in life, you get anxious! And this concern will help us to work consciously and carefully at that time. The anxiety gradually subsides on its own after this work is completed. But if the anxiety does not subside, it may mean that you already have the anxiety. Understand, but it cannot be remedied, such anxiety is Anxiety!

Can Every Anxiety Be Called Anxiety?

Excessive means having too many thoughts, worries or not being able to concentrate on something that another person can do very easily can be an indicator of anxiety. This unpleasant feeling or thought becomes persistent and this unreasonable, subjective unreasonable anxiety, for which there is no definite cause, can be called anxiety. This anxiety is sometimes mild and sometimes severe, but it never disappears. In business, family or internal relationships, stress, anxiety and restlessness get out of control and it becomes impossible to control that feeling.

Many causes of anxiety

1) As the cause of Surekha’s anxiety was menopause. AVJ Anxiety can also be caused by some other chronic illness or physical condition such as diabetes, BP, cancer, TB, bypass surgery, etc.
2) To some extent this is a genetic disease i.e. genetic disorder i.e. it can be inherited to children as it is due to parents or elders.
3) A specific cause of this anxiety disorder can also be due to a chemical imbalance in the brain i.e. a decrease in neurotransmitters.
4) In this disease, along with biological factors, social factors are also important. Social factors include family relationships, cultural and religious upbringing, and many childhood experiences.

Can this disease be cured?

Anxiety is a disease caused by biological and cognitive factors, so psychiatrists and psychologists are able to treat this disease. Early steps can be taken to talk about this concern in the family, make a rule to do pranayama, exercise and meditate, etc. But these are the primary steps, while with this it is imperative to go to a psychiatrist and diagnose and treat the disease.

According to a research, more than four and a half crore people in our country are suffering from anxiety disorder! The disease can be treated with medicine and therapy. Psychiatrists can remedy this, only the first step in reaching out to those to whom this psychosis or anxiety has been applied has to be filled. There is no need to be afraid in this matter nowadays.

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