Your $ 55,000 HPD Honda Civic Si Factory Race Car has arrived

Until the 2023 Honda Civic Type R arrives later this year, the most dog-like Civic you can buy is the 200hp Civic Si sedan. With a standard 6-speed manual transmission available, a limited slip front differential, a toned suspension, and a red-accented interior, the Si is a sweet-driving lightweight compact car Honda wearing the iconic Si badge. Continues pedigree. It’s a sporty everyday car, not a hardcore truck dissector. The slightly higher and more focused Civic sedan is head-on for enthusiasts looking for a ride under affordable radar. Do you want to overturn that rating? Try the new Civic SiFE1 race car from Honda Performance Development (HPD).

The HPD FE1 Civic Si subtly captures everything about the latest Civic Si and cranks it up to 11. Like its predecessor, the HPD Civic Si Racer, it has huge wings above the boot lid, with tow straps hanging from the front and rear bumpers.The interior is just lost.. In fact, Honda gets rid of more: starting with a unique white body, the HPD Civic Si removes the sunroof of regular models and removes almost all of the interior finishes, sound insulation and body seam fillers that would be installed. Skip in the street version.

The body will be sent to Honda’s Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio, where it will be essentially handcrafted in the same building where the Acura NSX supercar is manufactured. Will this be a high performance car due to its proximity to the NSX? Well, no, it’s a cooler, more fun fact and a convenient place-where else does Honda make something else by hand? -But everything else HPD has done to it does. This includes an HPD enhanced manual transmission with enhanced 4-speed gear, a Cusco Limited slip front differential, a Hasport engine mount, full Borla exhaust from the turbo rear, and tuned ECU equipment.

Honda states that the turbocharged 1.5-liter I-4 engine is shared with the series-produced Civic Si, without mentioning any notable power gains. It’s supposed to be between the programmable ECU and the Borla exhaust, but there will be a few more ponies lurking under the Civic Si hood. That said, even though the HPD Civic Si holds the same 200 horsepower as the Stock Si, it’s dragging the Civic hundreds of pounds less — Honda says the race car weighs only 2,600 pounds. .. This is very light considering that the production of Civic Si is already very light, just under 3,000 pounds. In other words, expect this racer to be significantly faster.

It also needs to stop stronger than the Civic Si, which has been found to overwhelm the heat dissipation capacity of the brakes on the truck. Before jumping into the HPD hardware upgrade, we can see that Honda tried to address the apparent lack of brake cooling in the production model by drilling two large holes in the front bumper adjacent to the central lower intake. These cooling ducts need to shovel the right amount of air with the front stopper. Still, the front brakes were replaced with Wilwood’s 6-piston race calipers and a larger 12.9-inch floating Willwood rotor. The HPD leaves the rear brake setup intact, but fits the braided stainless steel brake lines and padded brake pads to all four corners.

The HPD Civic SiFE1 rides on a complete Bilstein suspension with an adjustable front coil over, adjustable rear dampers, two spring sets (replaceable and different rates), HPD adjustable front camber and caster plates. It features a rear toe and a camber link. , And rear spring mount. The Enkei RPF1 lightweight aluminum wheels have proven to fit virtually anything and look great here as well, with a size of 17×8 inches.

Safety equipment occupies most of the Civic Si FE1’s cabin equipment and includes a full FIA roll cage, FIA FT3 14.5 gallon fuel cell, and OMP quick release steering wheel. Racing seats; harnesses; fire extinguishers. The driver faces a row of Motec dashboard data loggers, racing gauge clusters, and LED shift lights. Interestingly, Stock’s Si shift knobs are otherwise above the bare shift lever mechanism.

Interested in participating in next year’s SROTCA race and drilling a $ 55,000 hole in your pocket? That total buys you the new HPD Civic SiFE1 completely turnkey, but with a bare pearl white body. A $ 25,000 deposit is required and the remaining $ 20,000 (and sales tax) must be paid when the car is ready. It’s cheap when it comes to manufactured race cars, and it’s also fully developed and factory-manufactured by HPD engineers. So you can buy a new Civic Si for just under $ 30,000, but you can also wait for the new Civic Type R. Equivalent to two Civic Sis in this one non-street legal version. The choice is up to you. Delivery will begin this fall.

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